Invisalign gives you great results with less overall treatment time: With conventional braces, teeth are wired together, which can lead to inadvertent movement of adjoining teeth that must be corrected later in your treatment plan. Invisalign aligners are carefully calibrated to move only the teeth you want to move. This precise, targeted correction means more efficient movement, which can result in less overall treatment time. According to current research, in many cases orthodontic treatment is actually faster with Invisalign as compared to traditional orthodontics. On average, treatment with Invisalign takes about six months to a year for adults, and about a year for teens, depending on the complexity of the case.

No wire tightening means fewer dental appointments: The wires on conventional braces usually need to be tightened every four weeks, but since the Invisalign treatment plan is mapped out from the start, we can give you several aligners at each appointment. That means for many Invisalign patients, appointments need to be made only every eight to ten weeks, instead of every four weeks.

It’s easier to keep your teeth clean and healthy: Invisalign aligners are removed to eat, floss and brush. There are no wires to trap food and plaque, and no obstacles that make brushing and flossing difficult.

You don’t have to wait for a beautiful smile: Unlike with conventional braces, most people won’t know you’re using Invisalign unless you tell them!