Now teens can enjoy the same advantages of Invisalign with a new system designed especially for teens. Invisalign Teen combines all of the advantages of the proven Invisalign system with special features designed to fit the active lifestyle and unique treatment needs of today’s teens.

Room for growth: Now you don’t have to wait until teeth grow in completely before getting braces. Invisalign Teen has eruption tabs that adjust to your teen’s changing mouth, so you can start treatment on your timetable.

Peace of mind: There’s no need to worry about whether your teen is wearing the Invisalign Teen aligners often enough. Invisalign Teen is designed with a Blue Dot Wear Indicator that fades to clear over a two-week period if your teen is wearing the aligners properly (20 to 22 hours every day).

Flexibility: While it’s important for your teen to wear aligners as often as possible, Invisalign can be removed for those important special occasions like school pictures, prom and graduation.

Something to smile about: According to recent surveys, more than half of today’s teens feel self-conscious about wearing conventional metal braces. Since Invisalign is virtually invisible, your teen can smile with confidence.

Sports safety: With Invisalign Teen, there’s less risk for the painful sports impact injuries that can occur when teens get hit in a mouth that contains conventional braces with wires and brackets. Plus, custom mouth guards fit better over Invisalign aligners than over traditional braces.

Invisalign Teen Features:

  • No more feeling self-conscious about having a mouth full of metal
  • No more painful monthly appointments to tighten wires
  • No more irritation and soreness from pointy wires and brackets
  • No more sticky wax to prevent cuts in your mouth
  • No more retouching photographs to eliminate metal braces
  • No restrictions on the foods that can be eaten
  • No more emergency dental visits to fix broken wires and bracket